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How To Refer Someone And Get Paid

Without spending too much time

Work Colleagues

How does it works?

Upon checkout, we will ask if someone referred her/his in this site- You will be notified thru email after your referral do the checkout and paid the amount.


Avail at least one (1) online shop before you can earn a referral fee (this is not networking).

Receive the referral via Gcash, Maya or online bank transfer after his/her shop is turnover in 2-3 working days (excluding Sunday).



Step 1. Click the  Share This Site Now button below and you will be redirected to this site-

Step 2. Click the social share icon (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) located at the bottom.

On that page, you may also click the 3 dots on the upper right corner and SAVE on your mobile home screen so you can share it easily to any social sites while on the go. 

Step 3. Then, let him/her read that site to discover this opportunity.

Step 4. Do a follow. You can guide his/her decision-making if you want to.

So, it's not time-consuming. No hassle, right?

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Dropshipping Joining Fee- Sell Nationwide and International 

  • Discount on all products

One-time payment 

(Price will increase soon)

Image by Alexander Shatov

Facebook Dropshipping With FREE Messenger Online Shop And FREE FB Page

Incentive Php150

One-time payment 
(no monthly subscription)


One-time payment

(no monthly subscription)

Lazada Dropshipping

Incentive Php150

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One-time payment

(no monthly subscription)

Tiktok Dropshipping

Incentive Php150


One-time payment

(no monthly subscription)

Any 2 Dropshipping Online Shops (Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok, Facebook)

Incentive Php350


Don't forget to remind them to put your name upon checkout when ask the name of referral.

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IMPORTANT: Earning and Legal Disclaimers

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