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Are you going to beach or shopping around?
Why are tote bags so popular?
Tote bags have become so popular due to their various uses. 


What is a tote bag used for?
✅ tote bags are commonly used for carrying shopping
✅ a go to essential to carry all your needs throughout your day
✅ strong & durable fabric for long lasting use
✅ provides a comfortable and reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags.
✅ convenient bag for any purpose

✅ Trend
✅ 100% Quality
✅ Eco Friendly Bags
✅ Reusable / Washable
✅ no zipper, this tote bag has a single open carry-all space feature 
✅ Perfect for gifts and souvenirs like birthday, christening, wedding, party events, giveaways & etc. 


Color: Off White
Material: Canvas
Size 13" x 15"
Width- 13 inches
Height- 15 inches
Handle: 9 inches long
Type: Flat tote bag 

13x15 inches Canvas Tote eco bag

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