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How to Use the Time-Tested “PAS” Social Media Post Formula to Attract Red-Hot, Ready-to-Buy Customer

How would you like to learn the all-time #1, time-tested social media post formula for attracting red-hot, ready-to-buy (or ready-to join) prospects into your business?

Sound good?


Because that’s what I’m about to reveal.

This formula works whether you're posting on your personal Facebook profile, running an ad, or posting on your fan page.

Honestly, regardless of the medium you're using to


This formula has been proven and time-tested for over 100 years

It works if you want to attract prospects to you personally, it works if you want to post on your fan page, and it especially works if you're using the Facebook advertising platform.

To start, you want to write so your post will be attractive to the millions of people in a highly-targeted market.

For example, say you're trying to attract people in the weight loss space (an industry with huge mass-market appeal).

Here's what you do: you're going to promote your post to people who are ALREADY interested in losing weight or getting healthy and are currently following your competitors.

Make sense?

You want to find people who have already raised their hands and expressed interest.

And luckily…

Facebook makes this ridiculously easy!

If you've built up a following on your personal profile, this post formula will work organically.

However, if you don't have a following, then you can, with the click of a button, advertise to people who are followers of any public figure in your target audience, using your fan page.

Getting into specifics, this social media post formula is called “PAS,” which stands for…

  1. Problem

  2. Agitate

  3. Solution

And here's the psychology behind this structure…

In any persuasive message, you want to lead with the problem, agitate or expand it, then present the solution.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Now let's dig in and talk about why it works…and why, with this formula, you will be able to “crush it” on Facebook and other platforms building a large following that will take your business far.

The first step in the PAS formula is to convey or call out the pain or problem your solution, your product, or your opportunity can help solve.

This is where most online marketers totally screw up their approach because they don't bother to LISTEN to their prospects to identify what problems they have first.

They just barge right in and offer their solution—without connecting that solution in any meaningful way to help their prospect with their specific problems.

Don't do that (it doesn't work)!

When you’re presenting this formula in-person, one-on-one, before you do anything else, you have to first ask QUESTIONS and listen to your prospect’s answers.

This is how you pinpoint your prospect's exact problems.

So for one-on-one, in-person presentations, you’ll modify the formula as such…

  1. Question,

  2. Listen,

  3. Problem,

  4. Agitate,

  5. Solution.

When you’re marketing online, putting a post on social media, you’ll have to assume there's a certain type of problem, since you’re not actually talking to anybody one-on-one or in person.

You can, of course, gather specific information through surveys or by analyzing responses to previous posts and so forth, but let's assume you already know what the problem is.

The first step is to call out and convey the problem.

Describe who you're targeting and the kind of problems they're suffering…

“If you're currently dealing with or suffering from [problem]”

Another way to call out the problem is…

Convey the problem by telling your story.

You don’t have to address somebody out there and talk about their problem.

You can describe YOUR experiences in dealing with the problem, and share your stories.

You can start by saying…

“I was sick and tired of [the problem]…”

Or, you can say…

“Doing [whatever] simply didn't work for me anymore.”

Once you’ve identified the problem, the next step is to…

The second step in the PAS formula is to agitate.

It is not about manipulation.

It's a simple concept…

Just describe the impact the problem will have on your prospect's life if they don't do anything about it—especially if they don't do anything.

Let's say I’m selling training in online marketing.

I’ll start by sharing my story.

I’ll not only say I was tired of prospecting, and getting people, and dealing with objections, I’ll share specific examples about how it feels to deal with objections.

Or, using the weight loss example I used earlier, you’d share how being overweight impacted your own life.

In other words, describe what life looks like—and feels like—with that problem present.

You're essentially conveying the impact.

For example, in the weight loss market, people always talk about getting back their “swimsuit body.”

Well, what happens if you don't get your swimsuit body back?

How does that limit your experience of going to the beach?

So, the “agitate” step deals with the impact the problem has on your life, and what happens if you don't do something about it.

Next, it's time to present your…

The third and final step in the PAS formula is where you share that you've discovered a solution for the problem that you’ve agitated.

But there's a catch.

You don't want to share your discovery outright.

You want to give them a reason to reach out to you, a reason to respond to your ad.

What you say is…

“…then I discovered *this*, and this is how my life changed.”

In this step, you're sharing about your discovery in vague terms, and then describing the positive impact the solution made on your life.

You’re describing what you're now able to do…what your life looks like now…with the problem solved.

Finally, give them a call to action.

Tell them what to do next to learn more about the solution you've just shared.

If you're selling a product directly, direct them to a link where they can buy your product.

And whether you're selling a product or opportunity, I highly recommend you make people proactively reach out to you (instead of you reaching out to them), especially if you're doing any type of post on your personal profile.

Furthermore, regardless of how you're advertising, I recommend you…

Automate (most of) your follow-up process

This allows you to educate and pre-qualify your prospects.

In practice, this means whenever someone responds to your ad, they receive an automatic email or message in their inbox with more information about your product or service, and you can continue to follow up with that person via automated broadcasts.

You can even create an “autopilot” sales process where you can automatically present your solution to them, without being personally involved.

This allows you to give your presentation without having to deliver it in person, so that when you finally hop on the phone, your prospects have already gone through the PAS formula of problem, agitation, solution, and they’ve taken the actions you led them to take.

They've already learned about the solution that you're conveying to them.

So by the time you hop on the phone or talk to them on a web-conference call, they're pretty much already sold.

Maybe they have a few last-minute questions, and the outcome is pretty much set.

That's the power of using this structure.

Especially in online marketing, most people don't realize all sales or influence-type communication has to follow a kind of structure and the more structured you are in your communication, the more effective you're going to be.

I challenge you to implement this post structure right away!

In fact, you can use this structure to evaluate the posts you've previously written.

Maybe some of your posts, almost by accident, were successful and you're not sure why.

Go back and ask yourselves if you're using the PAS formula in your posts.

  • Did I state the problem clearly?

  • Did I agitate the problem?

  • Did I expand the problem and talk about the impact of that problem?

  • Did I provide a way for them to communicate with me to learn more about the solution I discovered and how it changed my life?

Evaluate your previous posts and ads.

Read through them and answer the above questions.

See any patterns in your successful posts?

Can you see instances where you've missed a step and things didn't perform as well?

Again, you always want to follow this simple structure…

  1. Problem.

  2. Agitate.

  3. Solution.

Now, if you'd like to…

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Credit to Elite.......

Sincerely, Mhel Solomon Marketing Partner Salveoworld

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